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Image of Burleigh Court social media feed

Burleigh Court

Project type

Social Media | Paid Social Advertising | Email Marketing


October 2022 to date

Objective: boost their online visibility, get more people to check out their website, and encourage bookings for both events and stays.

Social Media Strategy & Management:
I developed a social media plan tailored to Burleigh Court's unique vibe. I took charge of content creation, ensuring that every post, whether it was a graphic, photo, video, or reel, genuinely represented the hotel. Video editing was a significant part of the process, making sure each clip was polished and engaging. Through social listening, I kept an ear out for what people were saying, ensuring our content hit the right notes.

Paid Social Advertising:
I set up ad campaigns on Facebook and Instagram. Each ad was designed to give a glimpse of what Burleigh Court offers, aiming to pique interest and draw potential guests in.

Email Marketing:
The emails I crafted were more than just updates; they were a way to connect. I shared news about the hotel's latest events and offers, always aiming to strike a balance between being informative and inviting.

The results? A noticeable increase in brand awareness, more visitors to the website, and a steady stream of bookings. It was a rewarding experience, and I'm proud of the positive impact my efforts had on Burleigh Court.

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