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Image of Cotswolds Cards website

Cotswolds Cards

Project type

Website | Email Marketing


August 2023

Project: E-Commerce Website | Email Marketing

Overview: Cotswolds Cards, a local greeting card company, reached out with a desire to breathe new life into their e-commerce site. Known for their exquisite photography and commitment to sustainability, they needed a digital platform to reflect their love of nature and the beautiful Cotswolds surroundings.

The Challenge: The existing website was out-of-date, lacking any cohesive branding or storytelling, and only offered basic functionality. It failed to convey the brand's ethos or engage customers in a meaningful way, leading to missed opportunities and stagnant online growth.

My Solution: I embarked on a total transformation of Cotswolds Cards' online presence, creating a clean and elegant design that complements the beautiful photography featured on their cards.

Key features of the redesign included:

A Complete New Look: A modern and sophisticated design that aligns with the brand's aesthetic and values.
Storytelling Integration: I wove the brand's ethos of sustainability and love for nature into every aspect of the site, creating a narrative that connects with customers.
Wellness Events Section: A new section was added to promote and take bookings for wellness events, expanding the brand's offerings and community engagement.
Automated Emails: Set up automated emails for abandoned carts and a welcome series for new subscribers, enhancing customer retention and conversion.
Email Marketing Templates: Designed a series of customisable templates for email marketing campaigns, allowing for consistent and effective communication with the customer base.

Results: The transformed website has become a true reflection of Cotswolds Cards, showcasing their unique products and values in a way that resonates with their audience. The addition of wellness events and targeted email strategies has not only increased sales but also fostered a loyal community around the brand.

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