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Image of printed marketing material for Studio @ No 6

The Studio @ No 6

Project type

Branding | Promotional Material


September 2022

Project: Branding and Printed Material

The Studio at No 6 is a high-end serviced apartment in the Cotswolds. The objective was to create a brand identity, ensuring it resonates with luxury and sophistication.

I designed a logo to capture the essence of contemporary elegance. It's more than just a symbol; it's the first impression, setting the tone for the entire guest experience.

To further enhance this experience, I crafted a comprehensive "Welcome Guide." It's not merely an informational booklet; it's a curated introduction to the luxury that The Studio promises its guests.

Recognizing the allure of local experiences, I also put together a "Local Guide." This isn't a generic list; it's a thoughtfully curated selection of the area's finest offerings, from dining to cultural attractions, ensuring guests get a genuine taste of the area.

And to conclude their stay on a memorable note, I designed a tasteful "Thank You" postcard. It's not just a gesture of gratitude; it's a keepsake, subtly encouraging guests to revisit and relive their luxurious experience.

In essence, this collaboration was about seamlessly blending luxury with authenticity, ensuring The Studio at No 6 stands out not just as a place to stay, but as a destination in itself.

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